For Sale: Massiv Stainless Track Exhaust System (02-07 WRX/STi)


Selling my old exhaust off of my 2004 Subaru WRX STi.  The brand is Massiv, which was a company that never fully launched.  My friend worked for the company and I was able to get the exhaust for a discounted price if I let them use it for test fitment and to record videos and what not.  It is documented here on NASIOC forums (the white 04 STi), back when I still owned the car and was into the Suby crowd.  The car was sold back in like 2008, and I kept the exhaust in case I ever got another STi.  This thing was built extremely well with stainless steel 304 grade material, minimal mandrel bends, and robotic TIG welds, and it was the Track version, which features a straight pipe design.  Peep the flyer to see the difference in specs.  The sound of this exhaust is what set it apart in my opinion, with it’s deep rumble.  There was an optional silencer I believe as well, but it fell out while driving.  Instant power!  Anyways, I am asking $400 obo on this exhaust, because it’s lightweight, built well, and gives great power.  About 20 hp from what I remember?  The company just never took off, and this is possibly one of the greatest exhausts that never really had a chance to make it to market.

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New Vans For Sale Suckas!

IMG_2953Tons more pics after the jump!!!!


Now that I’ve got your attention, I wanted to let you know that I have a few pairs that I’m deciding to sell.  Random sizes too, so check it out.  Trying to stack up some cash to put towards some other kicks I want.  Help me get there!  Descriptions are listed on each pic, with what is included or not.  Shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail, and will be negotiated in final price depending on location.  I am located in SoCal 626 area, and am willing to do local meetups at any police station!  It’s not too often you come across DS brand new shoes in here, so consider that when you see what I’m asking.  And DS means unworn, mostly never laced up, and with box, but like I said, there’s a little bit more description on the actual photos of each shoe.  They’re also listed in my FB photo folder “Kicks For Sale”.  #UnderThePalms x #StrictlyVans ftw!

DS 12 Supreme MC Tan $130 obo
DS 12 Supreme Zebra Era Olive $150 obo
DS 10.5 Supreme PCL Era $280 obo
Worn 11.5 Supreme Diamond Perf Half Cab Blue $75 obo
DS 11 Syndicate x WTAPS Cordovan Sk8-Hi OG “S” $270 obo
DS 12 Vault x WTAPS OG Sk8-Hi LX Navy $285 obo
DS 11 Vault x Ludwig Van Era 46 LX “Green Plaid” $180 obo
DS 8.5, 9.5, 11, 11.5 Vault x Taka Hayashi TH 008 LX $110 obo
DS 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 Syndicate x Defcon Old Skool Pro “S” $90 obo
DS 10.5, 11, 13 CA Old Skool “Embossed Checkers” Red $70 obo
DS 11.5 CA Old Skool “Embossed Checkers” Blue $70 obo
DS 10, 11.5 CA Sk8-Mid LX Leather CA Black $85 obo
DS 10, 10.5, 13 – CA Sk8-Mid LX Leather CA White $85 obo
DS 11.5, 13×3 – CA x DQM Era “Woven” CA $100 obo
DS 12, 13 – CA x DQM – Sk8-Hi “Woven” CA $125 obo
DS 7×2, 11×2 – Supreme Metallic Chukka Tan $70 obo
DS 8×2, 10, 10.5×2, 11×2, 13 – Supreme Metallic Chukka Forest Green $70 obo
DS 11.5 – CA “Tumbled Leather” Era Reissue CA Navy $70 obo
DS 8.5 – U.S. Open of Surf 2013 Authentic Navy/Red $65 obo
DS 7.5, 10 – Social Distortion Sk8-Hi “retro” $120 obo

CA Sk8-Mid LX Leather CA White sz 10 $OLD
CA Old Skool “Embossed Checkers” Red sz 13 $OLD
Syndicate x Defcon Old Skool Pro sz 9.5 & 11.5 $OLD
CA x DQM Era “Woven” CA sz 11.5 $OLD
Supreme MC Tan sz 12 $OLD
Syndicate x Defcon Old Skool Pro “S” sz 10.5 & sz 9.5 $OLD
Vault x WTAPS OG Sk8-Hi LX Navy sz 12 $OLD
CA Sk8-Mid LX Leather CA Black sz 11.5 $OLD


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