Christine Update – 8/11/17

Hey everyone, just a quick update on Tintin. She's settling in at the new hospital, and wow is Huntington impressive! She had a lumbar puncture yesterday morning, and that went without a hitch. She hasn't had any swallowing, heart stoppages or respiratory issues either, since the day before she left Inter-Community. Her brain seems to be healing the involuntary action stuff that we take for granted! She's finally sleeping again, and Lord knows the brain needs that. She is mostly coherent in terms of looking and following us around the room, and she is trying real hard to find her words. You can see the struggle in her facial expressions, which she has many. The most popular seems to be the "wtf" face, which I'm sure is due to me talking too much. The neurologist started to ramp up the Solumedrol steroids in hopes that there will be more improvement. In 5 days he will see if they will advance to an IVIG treatment, which basically inserts another person's perfectly working immune system into her body through a blood transfusion, that will teach hers to work properly again. Ever since I posted up her story the other day, I've gotten so many responses, and well wishes, and personal msg's, and I'm just overjoyed by all of it. I even got a special msg from a friend of an old family friend, Melissa Scheliga, who my Mom used to babysit when we were kids, and this friend of hers named Carla Cassia, went through this same ordeal back in 2009. She was diagnosed with Auto-immune Encephalitis; Cause unknown. It was so reassuring to know that this is something that you can recover from, albeit after some time, but mainly I wanted to know if Tintin could hear us even though she can't communicate, and she said most definitely. Carla said she could hear and understand everything while she was coherent, but she was unable to talk and find the words she needed to say. That was all I needed to know, so that way we can at least let her know that we know she can hear us. Once we told her that, it's as if she became more calm and patient with us. No resistance or struggles, and also less shaking episodes. This is all progress, and we're happy. She was even smiling for the selfies which I posted for you all to see! I know it's a far comparison from how you're used to seeing her, but it's 100x better than where she's been for the past few weeks. We'll take it! Right now, her food is getting cold, but she's knocked out asleep, and there'll always be more food! Sleep is nature's best method for healing the brain! Keep her in your thoughts, and prayers. Appreciate you all. 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

8 thoughts on “Christine Update – 8/11/17

  1. Kerry

    I am so happy to see her recovery. I bet she would love to hear some of the responses. Hopefully lift her spirits even more. Still praying and sending my love her way

  2. Jackie Banuchi

    That’s amazing to hear! Keeping her in my prayers since you updated us. Please tell her I send her all my love and hope to see her soon! thank you! Jackie.

  3. Mike Ma

    Glad she’s on the road to recovery Billy. I’m sure you guys are relieved with the turnaround and positive movement. Nothing but love for you guys and when she’s all better and you guys make it to vegas let’s grab a bite to eat 😀👍. No firefly lol

  4. Diane Abney

    Billy, so glad to hear the good news. It’s wonderful to know that she can hear you. Is she alllowed visitors and what are the visiting hours? I only have a few days before my move to Washington and will try to stop by if possible. Please tell her I’m praying for her full recovery. Take care of yourself.

  5. Karen M Neyra

    Wow this is AMAZING NEWS !! Thanks for the update On Tintin my prayers and good thoughts are still with u and her pray to keep all the nurses and Drs helping her to full recovery!! Hugs !!

  6. Diane Jimenez

    Hi Billy, this is Diane, Tritia’s friend. Tritia told me what happened to Tin Tin and I’ve been keeping her in my prayers. I know we don’t know each other very well but you guys have always been very nice and Tin is always sweet. I’ve been following your updates and I’m excited to hear when there is progress. God bless you all.

  7. Lien Vong

    Went to visit Tintin at the hospital this morning and she was sleeping. Good that she was able to rest and calm. Stay strong like you always have Tintin. I miss you and love you. Hope to see you soon again to catch up on things. Muah.

    Lien Vong


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