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Christine Update – 8/11/17

Hey everyone, just a quick update on Tintin. She's settling in at the new hospital, and wow is Huntington impressive! She had a lumbar puncture yesterday morning, and that went without a hitch. She hasn't had any swallowing, heart stoppages or respiratory issues either, since the day before she left Inter-Community. Her brain seems to be healing the involuntary action stuff that we take for granted! She's finally sleeping again, and Lord knows the brain needs that. She is mostly coherent in terms of looking and following us around the room, and she is trying real hard to find her words. You can see the struggle in her facial expressions, which she has many. The most popular seems to be the "wtf" face, which I'm sure is due to me talking too much. The neurologist started to ramp up the Solumedrol steroids in hopes that there will be more improvement. In 5 days he will see if they will advance to an IVIG treatment, which basically inserts another person's perfectly working immune system into her body through a blood transfusion, that will teach hers to work properly again. Ever since I posted up her story the other day, I've gotten so many responses, and well wishes, and personal msg's, and I'm just overjoyed by all of it. I even got a special msg from a friend of an old family friend, Melissa Scheliga, who my Mom used to babysit when we were kids, and this friend of hers named Carla Cassia, went through this same ordeal back in 2009. She was diagnosed with Auto-immune Encephalitis; Cause unknown. It was so reassuring to know that this is something that you can recover from, albeit after some time, but mainly I wanted to know if Tintin could hear us even though she can't communicate, and she said most definitely. Carla said she could hear and understand everything while she was coherent, but she was unable to talk and find the words she needed to say. That was all I needed to know, so that way we can at least let her know that we know she can hear us. Once we told her that, it's as if she became more calm and patient with us. No resistance or struggles, and also less shaking episodes. This is all progress, and we're happy. She was even smiling for the selfies which I posted for you all to see! I know it's a far comparison from how you're used to seeing her, but it's 100x better than where she's been for the past few weeks. We'll take it! Right now, her food is getting cold, but she's knocked out asleep, and there'll always be more food! Sleep is nature's best method for healing the brain! Keep her in your thoughts, and prayers. Appreciate you all. 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

RedefineHipHop: James Sumbi of Freestyle Fellowship and All In All


So today I spent a few hours watching my uncle James’ interview/documentary/revelation…whatever you interpret it as, on his story of the West Coast Hip-Hop Scene in the mid-80s and early 90s.  I hardly get to see my uncle.  Maybe about once a year we get to chop it up at family gatherings, and that’s about it, and while visiting with him at my aunt’s birthday party last weekend, he told me about this video doc he did for Fifth Element.  Now, you might be asking yourself, J. Sumbi’s my uncle?  How’s that?  Well obviously, we’re not blood family, but by marriage.  My Dad’s cousin, my aunt Crissy, married him.  As a kid, I’ve always known him as uncle James, but in high school, when I told him that my friends and I we’re starting to get into deejaying, he said he was a DJ too.  I told him we were spinning mostly with CDs but our partner had a set of Technics that we were getting the hang of.  He said he had a set of 1200’s with flight cases, that he wasn’t really using at the time, and offered them up to me for $300 for the pair, cases included.  I was shocked, but I didn’t ask twice!  My homie Alphonso fronted the cash, and the tables found a new life with me, and I still use them til’ this day.  These were the same tables he used while being The Nonce’s DJ, so I’m honored to have a set of tables that have some personal history to them.  Once I became a student of Hip-Hop, I then realized that he contributed a great deal in the early days of Hip-Hop!

Anyways, this post isn’t about me, it’s about him.  If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop, or if you’re a fan of documentaries, then you’ll want to sit back and watch all 8 of these videos, produced by Fifth Element.  There’s some awesome stories in each one.  From how he got into making his first beats with 4-track recorders, to forming Freestyle Fellowship, which no doubt inspired other powerhouse collaborative groups like Jurassic 5, Wu-Tang, and so on.  My uncle’s got a story to tell, and if it wasn’t for him, I’d be some whack ass CD DJ, or worse…an electronica one!  Just kidding, but those dudes shouldn’t be called DJ’s.  They need another name, like Fist Pumpers, or Party Rockers, or some shit.  Non-beat-juggling, no-scratch-skills-having, setting-up-your-turntables-the-normal-way-instead-of-battle-style whack fools!  That’s what’s up.

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